SIAI Marchetti aircraft

Hendrik van der Veen

D-EULG     Siai Marchetti S.205-20/R     c/n. 215

  BCARG Special No 14 - Siai Marchetti SF.260  

The 14th edition of the annual BCARG Special published by the Belgian civil Aviation group,
a division of the Aviation Society of Antwerp vzw,
is devoted to the Belgian registered Siai Marchetti SF.260's.

The history of more than 90 airframes is covered in detail and this book contains more than 100 b/w pictures,
some of them never published before. The book is available by transferring 30 Euros on the bank-account of the
Aviation Society of Antwerp vzw - BE77 0010 7913 8942 - Bic-code : GEBABEBB.
This price includes the postage to your address.

The book will be available on 3th May during the 15th ASA Antwerp Aviation Fair
in the Stampe and Vertongen Museum at Antwerp Airport.

D-ECNZ     Siai Marchetti S.205-20/R     c/n. 377


MM61977     Siai Marchetti S.208/M     c/n. 3-71

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